Hiking the majestic Alps of Tyrol

Explore the stunning Alps of Austria during winter hiking in Wildschönau

Discover the serene beauty of Wildschönau while walking along well-maintained trails. Set against the backdrop of the Kitzbühel Alps, this tranquil valley offers a variety of picturesque routes to explore. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and let the natural charm of Wildschönau captivate you.

Experience the magic of winter hiking in the Alps

In the captivating high valley of the Kitzbühel Alps, discover a multitude of winter trails perfect for a leisurely stroll amidst picturesque landscapes. Let the tranquility of snow-draped nature enchant you as you explore the enchanting winter scenery. With an extensive network of trails in the “Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau,” there is a path suited for every preference and skill level.

Take delightful breaks along the way at charming huts, inns, and cafes, where you can warm up and savor regional delights. Winter hiking in Wildschönau offers not just physical activity, but also moments of relaxation and wonder amidst the stunning surroundings. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this charming high valley in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps.

Our winter hiking tour suggestions

Explore our recommended winter hiking tours in the Niederau region of Wildschönau, Tyrol. With a variety of trails catering to all skill levels, whether you are a novice or a seasoned hiker, you will find the ideal route for your adventure. To ensure you are fully prepared for your vacation, we present an overview of our diverse winter hiking options in the region:

Difficulty: Easy

Roggenboden Circular Hike: a leisurely circular stroll.

  • Length: 1.4 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 65 m ↓ 65 m

  • Access: Bus stop Oberau Roggenboden

Schönanger-Kundlalm: beautiful winter hike at the valley’s end, where tranquility meets breathtaking scenery.

  • Length: 2.2 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 127 m ↓ 127 m

  • Access: Bummelbahn to Schönangeralm

Niederau – Sonnberg – Franziskusweg: wonderful circular hike in Niederau

  • Length: 5.7 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 277 m ↓ 277 m

  • Access: Bus stop Wildenbach Niederau

Difficulty: Medium

Mühltal – Bernau – Koglmoos: serene winter hiking trail leading to the Schatzbergbahn middle station.

  • Length: 5.3 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 510 m ↓ 510 m

  • Access: Bus or Bummelbahn to Mühltal Haflingerhof

Schönangerrunde: serene convergence of winter hiking and tranquility at the valley’s end, where nature’s beauty unfolds in its purest form.

  • Length: 6.4 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 130 m ↓ 144 m

  • Access: Bummelbahn

Around the Deer Park: Embark on a delightful winter hike from Niederauer Auenweg to the Foisching snack station, continuing your journey around the enchanting Deer Park.

  • Length: 6.5 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 253 m ↓ 253 m

  • Access: Bummelbahn

For more delightful routes and to explore the magic of Wildschönau further, be sure to visit the region’s tour portal.

Most popular winter hiking tours

Discover the most popular winter hiking tours in Wildschönau, Tyrol, offering diverse experiences, stunning vistas, and cozy restaurants along the way. Among the favourites are three easy difficulty level trails:

Markbachjoch – Nordbergalm: Start with a scenic ride on the Markbachjochbahn to Markbachjoch, then follow the trail for 1.9 km, gaining just 15 altitude meters, to reach “Nordbergalm.”

  • Length: 1.9 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 15 m ↓ 15 m

  • Access: Markbachjochbahn Niederau

Foisching winter hike: Begin at Hotel Staffler in Niederau, following the Auenweg trail alongside the stream to Foisching snack station. Enjoy breathtaking views of Niederau and Markbachjoch ski slopes. Traverse a wide forest path, passing “Little Canada” and the game reserve, then stop at “Jausenstation Foisching” for a delightful break on its terrace. Return via the winter hiking trail parallel to the cross-country ski trail.

  • Length: 6.6 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 242 m ↓ 242 m

  • Access: Parking lot Markbachjochbahn

Thierbacher Kogel: This leisurely hike starts at Thierbach’s church, leading you through scenic forests and past wooden animals hidden among snow-covered trees. The trail winds around Thierbacher Kogel for 5.5 km, gaining 162 altitude meters, before returning to the starting point.

  • Length: 5.5 km

  • Elevation Gain: ↑ 162 m ↓ 164 m

  • Access: Ski bus from Auffach

Embark on these beloved trails to immerse yourself in the winter wonderland of Wildschönau.

Exciting alternatives to the traditional winter hike

Are you seeking a unique winter adventure in Tyrol’s Wildschönau, away from the ordinary hiking routes? Here are some alternative options for an unforgettable winter experience:

  • Guided Hiking Tours:
    Explore the snow-covered landscape with knowledgeable local guides who unveil the most beautiful trails and share fascinating insights about the region. From easy strolls to moderately challenging treks, discover nature’s wonders and intriguing stories along the way. Explore guided hikes here.
  • Snowshoe Hikes:
    Immerse yourself in the untouched winter wonderland by venturing off the beaten path with snowshoe hikes. Trudge through pristine snow and explore the tranquil beauty of snow-covered forests. Escape the crowds and discover the magic of the snowy landscape in its purest form. Discover tour suggestions for snowshoe hikes in Wildschönau here.
  • Night Hikes:
    Experience the enchanting nocturnal landscape on captivating night hikes. Under the twinkling stars, immerse yourself in the serene ambiance illuminated by the soft glow of snow and darkness. Led by expert guides, embrace the tranquility of the night and discover the hidden beauty of the winter landscape. Find information about the night snowshoe hikes on offer here.

Don’t forget to make the most of your vacation with the Wildschönau Card Winter, offering free inclusive benefits and services including guided winter hikes, the use of the public ski buses that take you to the hiking starting points, as well as free snowshoe rentals, and much more. Experience all the comforts and delights that await you with the Wildschönau Card Winter!

Unrivalled comfort and luxury at the Alpine Collection: elevate your winter retreat

Indulge in ultimate comfort and relaxation at the Alpine Collection, where we offer a plethora of amenities to elevate your winter vacation experience.

After a thrilling day of snow hiking, retreat to the comfort of your apartment within our hotel. From the street, you can jump directly into the ski & bike lift of our aparthotel and store your equipment safely in the ski & bike cellar. You can also hang up your hiking boots to dry, ready for the next day’s hike. In our aparthotel, the contemporary alpine design is complemented by luxurious furnishings including a top-notch kitchen, a personal wine fridge, and the cozy fireplace, “The Flame”.

To rejuvenate your body, unwind on our rooftop terrace where you can luxuriate in the rooftop whirlpool or pamper yourself with a visit to our panoramic sauna, all while taking in the breathtaking 180° panoramic view of Wildschönau. Additionally, loosen up your muscles in the in-house fitness area or complete an intensive training session. Optimally recovered, you can go on an even better voyage of discovery the next day. Experience the beauty of Austria and Tyrol during winter hiking and enjoy a serene stay with us in Wildschönau.

Book your vacation at the Alpine Collection today. We eagerly await your arrival!

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